DevBlog #3---About The Secret Realm
2022.11.23 ·NEWS·
Hello, everyone! I’m Kitten96 from the development team and would like to share with you what I’ve been working on lately.


These are the puzzles that I’ve been designing for a new mode called Secret Realm. These strange little things are mechanisms that survived the nuclear war between humans and AI a long time ago. Players can interact and will get some reward upon solving these puzzles. When I first got the task to design them, my head was instantly filled with images of the mysterious mechanisms in treasure-hunting movies and games like “Indiana Jones” and “Tomb Raider.”
Once I’ve decided on the direction, one problem still need to be solved first. Given that the Puzzles are placed in wide open areas of the battlefield, how would they draw players’ attention and arouse their curiosity to come close and interact with the puzzles? Well, I realized that many top-shelf games have been ingeniously giving us the answer: the feeling of incongruity.
And so, here is one of the designs:
First, you will notice that there are several objects that look exactly the same, and they are placed oddly in some sort of formation. When you shoot one of them, not only will the object itself rotate by 90 degrees, but the ones next to it will probably make a rotation as well. You will need to find the pattern (either by strategy or luck) to make all the objects facing the same direction. Once that is done, a chest will appear, and the Puzzle will be solved.
Sounds easy, right? But do keep in mind that the number of objects and the pattern involved will dramatically increase the difficulty, and we will place an appropriate reward behind each puzzle for its difficulty.
There are many more like this in the Secret Realm, but we’ll leave them for you to discover on your own.
Please don’t hesitate to reply if there is anything you wish to share with us regarding the game.
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