DevBlog #4---Companion System
2022.11.23 ·NEWS·
Hi, everyone! Today let us introduce two extraordinary Companions to you: Xu and Dispatcher.
That's right, we've got a Companion System. While you're out and about in the world, you'll get some Clues, and with the help of these Clues, you will be able to find Companions. If it all goes well, you can recruit them, and they can set out with you!
There are tons of potential Companions across different maps with their own sets of skills and abilities. As for some Companions like Xu and Dispatcher... well, let us put it this way: they are downright legends, so you've got to put in the time and effort to gain their trust.
That being said, legendary Companions like them have unique abilities others can only dream of. Take Xu for instance, who is basically immortal. Anytime he's dealt a fatal blow, he just needs a little breather before getting right back into action.
Dispatcher, on the other hand, can continuously restore your Armor really fast while in your team. All your pieces of equipment provide Armor. Enemies can only deal damage to your health once Armor has been depleted , and it'll automatically recover over time.
As for these two Companion’s background stories, rumor has it that Xu makes a living off of bounty, showing up in bars and alleyways to lend a hand for all sorts of problems. Some even say that he's just some hyper-futuristic smart fluid merely posing as human. Dispatcher, on the other hand, is a pre-war service robot. Its job used to be express deliveries. To this day, it is still making deliveries— except now, they’re all explosives.
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