Dev Blog #5---Boss Weakness Mechanic
2022.12.14 ·NEWS·
Heya, it's Tree here. Glad to be back! This time, I'm sharing a short video, which has two main takeaways. The first is that we're almost done with the adjustments of weapon handling and recoil which are now very close to other mainstream games. It's just about where we want it with faster RPM and better stability, but we're still keeping the stronger recoil for a sense of authenticity. When players first start off in the game, some will get their hands on some weapon accessories like scopes, magazines, stocks, and more. The status of these accessories will affect the handling difficulty of a weapon, sometimes for better... sometimes for worse. By way of compensation, we'll be supplying a firepower multiplier to the accessories that make firing more difficult. It's such a wild design, I honestly love it! Hahahaha
The other thing is that we've added a boss weakness mechanic. We've got lots of bosses in the game with unique abilities. The weakness mechanic is unique to one type of boss. As you can see in the video, there are two types of weakness mechanics. The first is fragility, represented by the circle. Once this type of boss finishes a powerful skill, the circle appears while they’re in the weak state. If you hit that circle, you can deal tons of damage. The smaller the circle, the greater the damage. The second type is about interruption, as represented by the diamonds. When this type of boss is fully enraged, they'll use their high-threat skill and reveal their weak points. When you've hit those weak points, you'll interrupt their skill and be able to defeat them.
The two bosses in the video are placeholders for the testing period. The weakness mechanic was originally part of the body implant system. Just wait 'til you've made some implants... anyway, that's still a work in progress. No spoilers!
That's about all in terms of content we wanted to share with you. We're still adding in new stuff and will keep you all updated! Next, allow me to respond to some player feedback. And, while I'm at it, highlight more game content!
1. Some players are hoping there's no auto mode for pathfinding or combat.



Don't worry: there's no auto combat or auto pathfinding. That would really undermine the sense of exploration and immersion we're after. In fact, players can only access some of the game's side quests or trigger certain events when they take the initiative to explore.
2. Some players are hoping there'll be many kinds of weapons and that they can take on some monsters with some unique guns since they're tired of sword and shield combat.



Oh yeah, we've got tons of weapon types. The main categories are: Auto Weapons (like automatic rifles and submachine guns), Semi-Auto Weapons (like sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols), and Heavy Weapons (like machine guns). Not only that, but all of these weapon types have their own builds. Consider the sniper rifle. There's one build for accurate headshots, helping you deal additional damage and quick kills with headshots. Another is for bleeding, which is less about accuracy and more about debuffs, causing the target to lose HP over time and be unable to heal. The third is for stealth, so that when you hit an enemy you'll enter stealth mode and disappear from their sight as you acquire all sorts of buffs. All of these builds align with different equipment statuses and will help you figure out your own combat style. There's something for everyone!
We're still testing out balance for these builds and will make adjustments based on how the test goes. The game will also have combat-aid items you can craft with life skills like drones, sentries, and medical devices. These items will offer even more variety on the battlefield.
3. Some players are hoping for a good social system so they can have fun with their friends.



Don't you worry: we've got tons of multiplayer options like multiplayer instances and PvP areas, so no one needs to go solo. I recommend joining the same guild with your friends so you all can have the same objective. For instance, we're working on a Guild Secret Realm where guild members can explore and divvy up loot together. And hey, if you acquire enough meat there, you can throw a barbeque! Guilds also have their own shop to sell and purchase unique items. As guilds reach higher levels, there will be even more types of shop items. We'll be sure to add social content based on player needs.
4. Some players are hoping for more customizable characters, with different options for progression.



Hahaha, this goes without saying! That's one of the best parts of post-apocalyptic games. During character creation, you can pick your favorite prototype out of a dozen, and from there pick two starting traits out of more than 20. (Don't worry, you can find an NPC to change these, so they're not locked in). Every time you level up, there'll be all kinds of Talents to choose from, and once you've reached the midway point, you'll be able to develop different combat builds and fight with various combat-aid items. You're really going to sink your teeth into this world, given that we've also got Mounts and Companions to collect and develop. As if all this wasn't enough, we've also got a body implant system in the works... but that's all I'll say about that!
Some players are hoping that missions won't get too repetitive, especially those related to obtaining resources.
More than this, they're hoping for an original and captivating story with interesting characters and an innovative combat system.


As far as repetitive tasks go, many of them are designed to ensure there's enough content, but since we've got a good variety of content to enjoy, this shouldn't be a big issue. We have all sorts of oddball missions which will take you even deeper into a post-apocalyptic world like you've never seen before. You'll come across characters with all sorts of opportunities. You're gonna really love these missions.
We also have our own overarching story, though when you start out it'll seem conventional: a chosen one leaving the Vault and setting out to save the world. But, hey, what else would you expect from a post-apocalyptic setting? As you get further into the story, you'll see what makes this world stand out as you go on epic adventures with extraordinary characters. Once you get in there and get exploring, you'll see that it's so much more than meets the eye when you first begin.
Finally, as far as the combat system goes, I've talked about it in previous blogs, and just really hope you'll enjoy it!
Some players are hoping for lots of random encounters, such as a thug looting group or bounty hunters.


We've got even more than that. You'll discover a whole pack of lizards gathered for a meeting. You'll discover a giant insect that, and once you defeat it and cut open its remains you'll see it contains a TANK! You might even discover the pair of talking Bunny Bros. :D
Random encounters are among our key features. Each map has its own encounters, which we're calling Adventure Events, some of which will appear in your adventure diary. You'll find lots of fun in these Adventure Events, not to mention EXP and Gears. Show them off when you're out for drinks! People will be so impressed, they'll fall head over heels for you. I mean, that's all anyone wants, right? ;)
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