New Wasteland MMOPRG Ashfall Releases Explosive New Trailer Announces Upcoming Beta Test On PC & Mobile Devices
2023.05.18 ·NEWS·

The dark and beautiful world of Ashfall is arriving in 2023,but players will be able to experience it early in its upcoming multi-platform beta test.

Legendary Star Studios has unveiled a brand new trailer for Ashfall,showing off its updated visuals and game world,as well as announcing a multi-platform beta test ahead of the game’s 2023 launch.The game has also announced that it would attend the NetEase Connect 2023 on May 20th with more exciting updates.


Unveiled in 2022 during the TGS Expo,Ashfall is the first cross-platform post-apocalyptic MMORPG themed in Wasteland genre.As a third-person shooter game,players on both PC and mobile are able to join their friends on adventures in the wasteland,with crossplay allowing them to play at home or on the go.Pre-registration for Ashfall is now available on the game’s official website,Steam,and other platforms.

Ashfall is set in a world devastated by a great calamity,leaving only a wasteland in its wake.However,humanity has survived the apocalypse,and new settlements have sprung up around the land.In Ashfall,you take on the role of one of the Wanderers,who are tasked with searching for the mysterious Core of Creation and using its powers to save humanity from destruction.

The latest trailer for Ashfall featured a brand-new look as its Eastern-inspired wasteland,using an aesthetic seldom seen in post-apocalyptic games.From the decorations in the festive shelters of Hope Town to the hall filled with Eastern shrines,players will have the chance to experience a whole new kind of wasteland in Ashfall.

The trailer also revealed some of the different biomes and terrains in the game,as you will need to climb snow-covered mountains,cross scorching hot deserts,and hide from the mechanical horrors that roam in each oasis.In addition,you will be able to explore all manner of natural environments in Ashfall,each with their treasures to find and guardians to defeat.

The players won’t be the only inhabitants of the wasteland in Ashfall.The new trailer showed off many of the unique NPCs you can encounter in the game,each belonging to different factions and serving their own ambitions.These include an old woman with a mechanical limb,who provides the player with a handmade firearm and sets them on the mission to find the Core of Creation,as well as a heavily-armored wasteland robot and a one-eyed lady sporting a cheongsam who acts as a leader.

The wasteland of Ashfall is beautiful to behold,but the same cannot be said for the monsters that reside there.The new trailer showed off some of the enemies players will face in Ashfall,including giant four-armed lizards,humanoid aberrations,colossal spiders,and the mechanical menaces that roam the skies.Of course,the music is also a huge part of the experience.Ashfall’s score is co-produced by Oscar winner and Hollywood music master Hans Zimmer,as well as Steven Mazzaro and Fallout series music producer Inon Zur.Together,these maestros have created an ingenious soundtrack that will bring the wasteland to life with an audio-visual feast that will immerse you in the game world.

Ashfall’s main storyline involves finding the secret mechanical relic,the Core of Creation.The quest to find this mythical item will set you on a journey across mountains and rivers and through other survivors'bases until you reach the mysterious site where it’s housed.It’s said that those who find the Core of Creation might uncover the secrets of the disaster that created the wasteland,as well as find the key to reviving human civilization.

At its core,Ashfall is a third-person shooter,with players fighting back to back and exploring dangerous dungeons in search of loot.The combat system involves cover shooting elements,as players dash between vantage points to get in an enemy’s blind spot and fight them from a safe position.Outside of the combat,the trailer also shows off Ashfall’s puzzles,home-building,and weapon-crafting systems,allowing you to participate in different survival experiences in this post-apocalyptic world.

The biggest reveal in the latest Ashfall trailer is that the new beta test will start in July and will be available on PC and mobile devices simultaneously.To sign up for the beta,visit the Ashfall website,wishlist the game on Steam,or by joining any of the game’s official social media channels.The wasteland is calling,and if you want to be among the first to put your footsteps in the dust,then join the beta now and get ready for the battles ahead.

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