Ashfall’s New Composer Trailer Featuring Music By Hans Zimmer& Steve Mazzaro Debuted During NetEase Connect 2023
2023.05.22 ·NEWS·

Legendary Star Studios has unveiled a brand-new Composer Trailer for Ashfall at NetEase Connect 2023,focusing on the game's incredible soundtrack and the brilliant minds that brought it to life.First announced in 2022 at the TGS Expo,Ashfall is a third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland set to launch on PC and mobile devices in 2023.Pre-registration is now open on the game's official website,Steam,and other platforms.

Ashfall is set in a wasteland with a distinctively Eastern flavor to its visuals and soundtrack.To help bring this unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre to life,the music of Ashfall will be co-produced by Oscar-winning Hollywood score master Hans Zimmer(Dune,Inception,Titanic),Steven Mazzaro(Iron Man,The Dark Knight Rises,The Lone Ranger),and Fallout series music producer Inon Zur.The soundtrack is crucial in bringing Ashfall's wasteland to life,and it will help immerse the player in its strange and beautiful world.

A new Composer Trailer for Ashfall was revealed during the NetEase Connect 2023 event,showing off some of the fantastic tracks produced for the game.The creation of the songs was also discussed with Steve Mazzaro,who mentioned how the developers of Ashfall initially approached him,as they felt his style could help realize a soundtrack that would bring the game's unique Eastern-style wasteland and retro-futuristic aesthetic.This extends to the high-quality battle music,for which he created several iterations of the songs to match the player's progress through the game as their foes become deadlier and the circumstances surrounding the battles change.

As Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro explained in the video,to create Ashfall's soundtrack,the composers used orchestral music to build the game's magnificent score,creating different themes for each scene to enhance the player's immersion and make the game more cinematic.The orchestra also included Chinese instruments,such as the erhu,better to fit the setting and rhythm of an Eastern wasteland.The trailer also explains why two music masters were willing to come on board and compose the soundtrack for the game,so they could help bring it to life.

Ashfall's Composer Trailer wasn't the only promotional video shown recently,as the development team also presented a visual trailer with actual gameplay footage showed off the game's Eastern-inspired world and battle system.This new trailer presented Ashfall's high-quality graphics,with its breathtaking game world and its many inhabitants given their time in the spotlight.


Those who can't wait to enter the wasteland will be able to do so soon,as the new Ashfall trailer also announced that the next beta test will begin in July.This beta will be available on both PC and mobile devices simultaneously,allowing you to experience Ashfall on all platforms.If you're interested in taking part in the beta test,then be sure to check out the official website,wishlist the game on Steam,and join Ashfall's social media pages so that you can be among the first to enter the wasteland,and hear its stirring sounds for yourself.

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